That the world may know christ


Rev. Nathan Silver

Hello Friend!
We are excited to have you interested in the ministry of GCBC. I would urge you to do what Phillip urged his friend Nathanael to do— “Come and See!”

We invite you to come worship Jesus and to share in the wonderful things that the Lord is doing in and through our fellowship of believers. We strive to be mission minded and member friendly. We want to be a gathering of believers where it is easy to be a part but be hard to come apart.

We offer a host of ministry opportunities for people of all ages; all of which are built around the precious life changing truth of the Word of God. We minister to those in the church as well as being a mindful of the mission opportunities close to home and globally.

No matter where you come from or what you may have done in the past, Jesus is the answer. His grace is sufficient to forgive you, save you and sustain you. We hope to be a tool in the Lord’s hand to help guide you into a vibrant and meaningful relationship with Him and with His church.
                                                                                                  -Pastor Nate

Service Times

Sunday Mornings

  9:00 AM  Coffee Connection (Temporarily Suspended due to COVID-19)
9:30 AM Prayer & Fellowship
10:00 AM  Disciple Life Classes
11:00 AM   Morning Worship

Sunday Evenings

6:30 PM  Evening Worship (Temporarily Suspended due to COVID-19)
6:30 PM  Youth Bible Study (Temporarily Suspended due to COVID-19)

Wednesday  Evenings

6:30 PM JAM (ages 4-12) (Temporarily Suspended due to COVID-19)

7:00 PM Adult Bible Study
7:00 PM Youth Bible Study

Latest Sermon

The preaching of God’s Word during the worship service is more than giving people knowledge of God’s Word or moral instruction.  The Word of God has always been an active word. It creates or tears down, judges or saves. Throughout Scripture, it is the words of God that go out to bring about God’s purposes (Jeremiah 23:22-30; Isaiah 55:11).  As the author to the Hebrews tells us, the word of God is “living and active” through the power of the Holy Spirit (Hebrews 4:12).
Faithful preaching then is the public proclamation of God’s powerful Word to the people. Through the preaching,  God’s Word goes out in the power of the Holy Spirit to call people to Christ and new life in Him.  The Word of God is the foundation of Grassy Creek Baptist Church.

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We have a new sign at the
Memorial Gardens.

The physical address for the Memorial Gardens has been assigned.
2231 Old NC 226 Hwy, Spruce Pine, NC  28777