Guidelines for "in-house" worship services

GCBC Guidelines
Here are the guidelines for GCBC as we reenter the sanctuary for “In-Person” services. In an effort to protect the safety of our congregation, below are the guidelines that we will follow. We want to encourage each member of our church to worship as you feel safe whether that is in-person, via live stream or radio broadcasting. We also encourage you to wear a face covering if you have one and as you feel comfortable.

1 - Every member of Grassy Creek Baptist Church will be expected to stay at home if they, or anyone they have been in contact with, is sick. Everyone is expected to be fever free for 14 days before  returning to church.  We also request that anyone who is in contact with someone that has received a positive diagnosis of COVID-19 stay home.

2 - The front door and side door will be propped open in order to reduce the contact with commonly touched surfaces such as the door handle.

3 - Hand sanitizer should be used upon entry to the building

4- The church vestibule is a common congregating area both before and after the service but it does not allow adequate space for social distancing.  Members are requested to not stand in this area for  fellowship. Fellowship should be done outside of the church building while maintaining at least  6-foot distance apart.  There will not be a designated time of fellowship during the service.

5 – We will alternate the pews that are going to be open so that we can maintain the guidelines for  social distancing.  We know that individual families have “their pew.” However, during this time we ask that you sit only in the pews that are open.  We also ask that families sit with their family.

6 - We are making efforts to shorten the church service while also following the leading of the Holy Spirit.  We ask that all bathroom breaks be kept to a minimum and reserved for emergencies only.  Please only use the bathrooms in the Educational building. Also, the water fountains will not be available at this time.

7 -There will be no hymnals, bibles, pens, or offering envelopes left in the pews.

8 - Singing will be condensed to “worship team” along with specials.

9 - The offering will be received by placing “tithe boxes” in the vestibule as well as at the front of the sanctuary near the pulpit. No offering plates will be passed during the service.

10 – Pulpit, microphones, instruments and ALL commonly touched surfaces will be cleaned after each service.

11 - Church will be dismissed by seating section and by pew. If you are closer to the side door of the sanctuary you may use that door.

12 – The Nursery will be available for parents who need to use it. Temporarily we have put the nursery in the educational building inside Brenda Greer’s Disciple Life Classroom. However, at this time there will not be an assigned nursery worker.

13 – Until further notice we will not be having Grassy Creek Kids Church.

14 – All services will continue to be live streamed to Facebook and YouTube. The transmitter will also be turned on so that individuals can drive in and listen from the parking lot.